Who plays Penny on Coronation Street? What is Steve’s ex?


Coronation Street fans were shocked to see an old face in Wednesday night’s episodes when actress Emma Stansfield returned to our screens.

But the actress, who originally appeared on the cobblestones between 2005 and 2006, was not playing the same character.

This time she appeared as Penny, the mom of a young girl throwing a birthday party that Hope Stape hadn’t been invited to.

Have you already seen it somewhere? Yes, in Steve McDonald’s bed! (Credit: ITV)

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Who plays Penny on Coronation Street?

Fans were blown away when Tyrone brought his daughter Ruby to the party and came face to face with Penny.

But as he gave Penny a piece of his mind, those looking back at home were more concerned about where they recognized the conceited mother.

In fact, she had been to Corrie before, as Ronnie Clayton from 2005 to 2006.

Hawk-eyed Cobbles fans knew exactly who he was, though.

Who was Ronnie Clayton on Coronation Street?

Ronnie Clayton was one of Steve McDonaldThere are many, many ex.

Ronnie arrived on the cobblestones for a job interview at Steve’s cab company and not only gave her the concert, but he even took her out for a drink!

However, Ronnie was married to gangster Jimmy Clayton and wasn’t too happy with his wife leaving. Jimmy owned his own cab company and began targeting Steve’s business with threats until Ronnie returned to him.

Despite Jimmy’s best efforts to break up Ronnie and Steve, including luring them to an isolated farm and threatening them with a shotgun, the pair remained strong.

But the cracks were starting to show and Steve cheated on her with Kelly Crabtree after they had a fight.

Meanwhile, Ronnie was about to tell Steve that they should give it another try when he ran over a pensioner with his car. She checked that no one had seen her and then walked away.

It was later revealed that the OAP was dead and Ronnie tried to frame Steve for the accident. Fortunately, he had an alibi in Kelly and Ronnie was eventually arrested.

Steve and Ronnie didn’t work out (Credit: ITV / YouTube)

What happened between Penny and Tyrone?

Tyrone was approached by Penny at the party who declared: “Ruby is a treasure”.

Penny tried to convince Tyrone that they hadn’t invited Hope because they were limited in number and had chosen names from a hat. But Ty knew it was a lie.

Trying to defend herself, Penny said, “Some parents may not want Hope around their kids, but we don’t feel like that I can assure you.

“The problems of hope are the problems of the school, the problems of the community, they are all our problems”.

However, Tyrone gave her little attention and said they had to leave.

Tyrone gave Penny what for (Credit: ITV)

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Will we see Penny again?

While we don’t know if Penny will appear on the cobblestones again, Tyrone certainly didn’t leave the party empty-handed.

In fact, he got himself a date with another mom, Island, who was impressed with his handling of the Penny situation.

Isla has asked Tyrone out on a date and the couple will get along well when they travel to Speed ​​Daal next week.

Unfortunately for Ty, it all ends in tears when Isla’s husband arrives and punches him!

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