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Who will die in GOT’s ‘House of Dragon’ prequel?

house of the dragon, just like its predecessor, game of Thrones, will most likely have a high death toll. There are huge dragons flying, lords who certainly do not have a lineage at the time of thrones other Countless old men who are wasting away in powerful positions. The kingdom will surely collapse at any moment, you know. After all, it wouldn’t be much of a Targaryen civil war if everyone was still alive.

by fire and blood readers, house of the dragonThe main deaths from have already been detailed, but don’t spoil the fun for everyone else! For all we know, there could be significant changes to the source material that await us. The text has already been adapted to give the characters richer backstories and stronger relationships. Who’s to say a couple of premature deaths couldn’t happen too? Let’s bet on some results from the first season so far.


Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen: 5% chance of death

Princess Rhaenyra is not only our main character, but she is also the direct ancestor of Daenerys Targaryen approximately 170 years later. Audiences already know that actress Milly Alcock will be replaced by Emma D’Arcy after a time skip in Episode Six, so she’ll survive at least until then. So Rhenrya It seems as a character who is prepared to reach the end of the game. We certainly hope to see you there.

dragon house


Queen Alicent Hightower: 10% kill chance

As Queen, Alicent’s children have a right to the Iron Throne. She will also be replaced by an older actress (Olivia Cooke) after a time jump, and will likely be on the opposite side of Princess Rhaenyra when the succession conflict comes into play. However, there is a small chance that her character will not make it out of the first season alive yet. After all, it is her children who have the right, not her. game of Thrones he killed Sean Bean in the first season and I will never trust them again.


Demon Targaryen: 20% kill chance

The reckless and chaotic Prince Daemon is too troublesome a fan-favorite character to say goodbye in the first season alone. But his cocky personality doesn’t exactly give him a non-zero chance either. As much as he wants to see him run around Westeros wreaking havoc and chaos, he just might step too far. Some might argue that he has already done it by making out with his niece and getting kicked out of King’s Landing. Outside of the now-dead Crabfeeder, there is no one else threatening the king in Westeros besides Daemon.

this is a picture


Being Criston Cole: 30% chance of death

Princess Rhaenyra has just chosen Ser Criston to be a member of the King’s Guard, a position in which he was forced to take an oath of celibacy. That oath was broken when she seduced him in episode four, putting him in a very dangerous place. The realm thinks there may be something going on between Rhaenyra and Daemon, but it was actually Ser Criston! Also, the princess will soon marry Laenor Velaryon. How will Ser Criston fit in now? Any kind of relationship with the princess would jeopardize both her life and Rhaenyra’s chance to solidify her claim to the throne.

dragon house


Corlys Velaryon: 40% kill chance

Don’t get me wrong, Corlys looks great. Aside from that time he tried to marry his 12-year-old daughter to the king, the idea of ​​a sea captain owning the largest navy in the world is pretty amazing. Still, the nine legendary journeys of his might have taken place before the events of house of the dragon. If Corlys could get another spinoff series of his own, his time on this prequel show might be cut short. The fall of House Velaryon must also occur sometime during the civil war, especially since not a single Velaryon seems to make it out alive at the time of the war. game of Thrones.

dragon house


Rhaenys Targaryen: 50% chance of death

Rhaenys is known as the “Queen That Never Was,” which is the kind of title that doesn’t bode well for the idea of ​​reaching the throne. Rhaenys is also Corlys’ wife, so she may meet a horrible end as retribution for her husband siding with Prince Daemon. the fate of Macbeth‘s Lady Macduff may not be that far off by comparison, but it’s still unclear who will end up on which side of the eventual conflict.



Laenor Velaryon: 60% kill chance

Laenor will marry Princess Rhaenyra, rising through the world from dragonrider to eventual King Consort. This, of course, also puts the previously safe character in grave danger. Laenor will not only have to move from his Driftmark home to King’s Landing, but he will also marry a princess in the heart of a civil war for the throne. Will he live long enough to see the conflict? With Daemon and Ser Criston already vying for her heart, Rhaenyra certainly can’t hold the affections of three different men for long.

otto high tower


Otto Hightower: 70% kill chance

Certain characters like Rhaenyra and Queen Alicent seem quite important to the events of house of the dragon. However, Alicent’s father, Otto Hightower, was playing the game of thrones too much on his nose. He was constantly in the king’s ears about protecting his grandson’s line of succession, even pressuring his little daughter to marry the king, which was a huge political move. Where Daemon is the kind of guy who shoots from the hip, Otto is calculating and manipulative. Now that he is no longer the hand of the king, his time on the show may also be coming to an end. Was losing his job enough justice for his plan?



King Viserys: 100% kill chance

We’re halfway through the first season now and this guy still has more ailments than I can count. It’s amazing that he’s still alive. the question is not so much Yes I love them but what either who do you want to kill him? He has some horrible injuries to his back, arms, and little finger, has taken a few punctures from the spiky Iron Throne, and is getting drunk instead of dealing with any of his problems. He seems like he’s only alive for the safety of the kingdom, really. The king’s death would be the perfect catalyst for the issue of succession to come to the fore.

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