Why doesn’t industrial hand soap work best for food safety?


In early days of Meritech, we knew we couldn’t rely on traditional hand soap as we reinvented the hand hygiene process so it could be the best it could be with CleanTech® Automatic hand washing stations. There are too many variables involved in using industrial hand soap such as the amount needed, the type used and the effect some soaps can have on skin health when used frequently. We needed something better that could reduce as many pathogens as possible in the shortest possible time, while ensuring the skin health of food industry employees. log into Ultra pure.

How is UltraPure better than skin health soap for food industry workers?

UltraPure isn’t just regular soap, it’s a proprietary hygiene solution designed to work with ours CleanTech® Automatic hand washing systems to suit areas where traditional liquid hand soap just isn’t up to par. Some soaps used in the food industry may contain some dyes and fragrances which can have harmful effects on the skin. UltraPure was developed without things like triclosan so hand washing can be done with a CleanTech® system without any negative impact on employee skin health.

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How can we prove the effectiveness of UltraPure?

Finished 50 clinical studies demonstrated that hands achieved optimal pathogen reduction when using UltraPure with CleanTech® automatic hand washing systems. We tested against both transient and resident pathogens, bacteria and even viruses. The results were at least an average reduction of 99.9% for the pathogens used.

Person using the CleanTech® ELF system to wash their hands

According to the ASTM standard for health care workers, a correct procedure of manual washing and rinsing of the hands is carried out by washing vigorously for 30 seconds on each surface of the hands and on the lower third part of the forearms. This is followed by a full 30 second rinse under tap water.

With that in mind, compare it to the results of our study. We found that the CleanTech® ELEVEN The system when using 5ml of hand soap achieved equivalent removal of bacteria from the hands using a total 15 second wash and rinse cycle compared to the full 60 second manual wash and rinse with hand soap. The normal CleanTech® hand washing lasts 12 seconds; However, the 15-second time was used in this study as it was conducted in collaboration with a healthcare company and met their hygiene standards.

UltraPure was not used in this case to demonstrate the effectiveness of the mechanics of the CleanTech® hand wash outside of chemistry. We have shown that when using the wrong chemical solution, pathogen reduction (although still better than a manual hand wash) is not as effective as when used with our UltraPure Hand Hygiene Solution.

Download all of our UltraPure efficacy studies here

How does UltraPure work with CleanTech®?

When using UltraPure with CleanTech® Every hand wash is done exactly the same, every time. All those variables involved in using traditional industrial hand soap disappear. As a result, the patented UltraPure Hygiene Solution has been shown to outperform soap in hand hygiene effectiveness by working seamless with the CleanTech® hand washing stations. It was an ambitious goal, but after extensive clinical testing we have perfected our unique antimicrobial solution to consistently remove more than 99.9% of pathogens when used with the CleanTech® hand washing system.

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