Why is the governor of North Carolina considered “weak”? – News Block

For those who closely observe and study North Carolina politics, especially the different branches of state government, most acknowledge that the chief executive officer of the Old North State, the governor, is considered one of the “weaker” governors in the nation. And on WFAE’s Charlotte Talks for Tuesday, June 18, ONSP contributor and Western Carolina University professor of political science Dr. Christopher Cooper will join a discussion about the governor of Tar Heel and his impact on state government and politics.

As background, looking at each of the 50 governors’ formal institutional powers (such as the number of executive officers elected or appointed by the governor, term length and opportunity for re-election, appointments within the six major areas of the state bureaucracy, budgetary power, veto power, and governor’s party control in the legislature) and the creation of an overall index for each state, one can see a broad spectrum of formal power held by state CEOs across the state. country, and note the very ‘dark’ state of North Carolina.

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