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Why People Put Lemon In Their Coffee – LifeSavvy


Most of us drink our coffee plain or with a little cream or sugar. However, some people have started to add a very unpleasant ingredient, and no, we are not talking about butter coffee.

People are putting lemon in their coffee, and while there’s a reason why, it might not be as effective as lemon coffee drinkers think.

The idea behind adding lemon to coffee is the same behind adding lemon to water first thing in the morning. Essentially, the people on social media who are trying this trick think that adding lemon is a supposed way to help you lose weight. But according to This day with whom I speak Samantha CassettyNew York City-based dietitian and author of sugar crashthat old wives’ tale is not as good as it seems.

Speaking to the outlet, Cassetty explained that adding lemon to water can improve the taste and help some people stay more hydrated, and drinking water before meals helps promote a feeling of fullness. That could lead to a calorie deficit and weight loss, but she said it’s unlikely to have a dramatic effect. The same goes for adding it to your coffee.

In fact, Cassetty points out that the practice is a potential sign of an eating disorder due to a willingness to drink something that probably doesn’t taste as good just to lose weight.

“Eating to lose weight should not consist of restricting or forcing yourself to eat or drink something that is not appetizing,” cassette said. “That’s a sign that you’re not developing sustainable habits, and it also suggests that you’re willing to prioritize weight loss over wellness.”

So should you add lemon to your coffee to lose weight? According to Cassette, no. Those looking to lose weight should focus on healthy and sustainable eating habits, good sleep and stress management, and know that there are no quick fixes or gimmicks.

If you just like the taste of lemon and want to try some in your coffee, go for it. When it comes to health benefits, your regular cup of coffee is already making an impact.


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