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Why your wifi router needs a ‘guest mode’


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It may not seem like it, but your Wi-Fi router is one of the most personal things you have in your home.me. All internet traffic from every connected device in your home goes through this little device. That is reason enough to protect him from any stranger, and protecting your main internet connection doesn’t require a paid security subscription or even a VPN. As it stands, your wifi router probably already has this feature built in: It’s called a “guest mode,” other As the name suggests, it creates an SSID (Service Set Identifier) ​​separate from your main network, with a name, password and traffic.

Guest modes come with their own unique passwords and settings, and tThey are easy to create, edit, destroy and rebuild. Go to your Wi-Fi admin page, poke around and you’ll find some kind of guest mode in the settings. Even cheap routers have this feature nowadays.

A separate network name and password means you don’t need to give guests your main network details, just you and your family. accessible. If your guest mode has parental controls or restrictions of any kind, enable them. You don’t want to be caught off guard after your friend’s son decided it was a good time to download pirated movies. in your house. Restrictions like these keep you off the hook – they will protect you against unruly kids, but also bad actors who use your network to run illegal websites or services.

You can also turn off Secondary Internet for any reason, without affecting your network usage. If you need to make sure your child isn’t watching YouTube all night, you can turn off their “guest” network anytime, all the time its The YouTube experience will be uninterrupted.

There is also a guest mode easy to spot in network listand because the network is already restricted, you can use an easy-to-type password to get in faster. either make everything easier by create wifi QR codes only for the guest network. A simple share button on Android and iPhone so i want to do the trick.

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