Will Smith has something interesting to say about Jada Pinkett Smith and 2Pac


Will Smith continues the series of personal confessions he has made lately. Find out what he had to say below.

TSR notes that “The #WillSmith bombs keep coming as the intimate details of his life make headlines – and this latest update involves none other than the iconic #TupacShakur. In an excerpt from his recently released memoir, Will Smith reveals that he has a “jealous rage” towards Tupac Shakur due to his status and very close relationship with #JadaPinkettSmith. ‘

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TSR went on and said, “Over the past few weeks, Will Smith has been extremely open about his constantly talking about marriage with. Jada Pinkett Smith . After previously admitting that he fell in love with one of his co-stars while filming a movie, admitting that he went out of his way to please her sexually – he basically exposed his entire relationship for audiences to discuss. Keeping this theme, Will’s latest piece of information is about his feelings for Tupac, specifically how he felt inadequate for him in large part due to his close bond with Jada, via @HipHopDX. ‘

In a section of his book he talks about 2Pac , Will admitted the following:

‘Early in our relationship, my mind was tortured by their connection. Hey what a PAC! and I was me. I hated the fact that I was not who he was in the world, and I suffered from furious jealousy: I wanted Jada to look at me like that. If he had chosen me over Tupac, I could never have been a coward. I’ve rarely felt more validated … I’ve been in a room with Tupac on multiple occasions, but I’ve never talked to him. ‘

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Someone said, ‘I don’t want to hear anything else from Smith’s. Anyone who keeps asking them questions, STOP, ‘and one commentator said,’ I’ll just leave the baby, go ahead and let it be Ight. ‘

One commenter posted this: ‘Will … everyone and their mom wanted to deal with PAC! Trust me, ‘and one follower said,’ Just be yourself and if she doesn’t like you for you, keep pushing. ‘

Someone else said, ‘Your involvement with jada is not worth it.’

One fan wrote this message: “Bruh acts like Will Smith has no weight, especially in the 90s.”

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