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Of course we are managed.
The authorizations never ended.

There are young people who still live with their parents in the north and on the islands because they have nowhere to live. Huge private estates (owned by Englishmen) so no land to build on or tent farmers driven off the land by estate agents with exorbitant fees knowing the farmer will be forced to leave so they can make way for holiday homes and rentals.

These morons think they’re *managing the land* because the Scots are too stupid to do it themselves and it would be reduced to bushland and wasted if we didn’t have them to fully control it. As long as Lord hee-haw of Mount Bollocks has a lovely herb garden in the shape of a Celtic cross, huh? He thinks he’s *giving back*

The island of Islay, impressive. PRIVATE. The entire town wiped out. There are no schools now and there are no residents. Close the brewery, replace it with fck all, people leave to find jobs elsewhere.

Also all office waterfront property in Edinburgh. Abandoned and left to rot in a prime location. Andy Wightman tracked it down to the Cayman Islands to an *anonymous* owner and that’s where he ended up…

Large tracts of Scotland sold to anonymous people. You don’t have to be Einstein to know that English sells and buys it. it’s not us huh?

That was another reason for Brexshit. The EU was introducing land registration. Who owned what and where. The British establishment could not allow that to be made public.

You must live in a world where blinkers come standard.

So there are large private estates, foreign owners of waterfront offices, no land to build on, no jobs, beautiful ruined towns not for sale in an area crying out for a place to live… ppffftt!

Andy Wightman could correct you. Scotland’s land reform was shelved by Sturgeon and Harvie ensured that he left the Greens. Sabbatours for Brit nat state. Liars who promised reforms and screwed everything up unless it was Trans…

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