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Today is election day in Poland. It will be interesting to see how the people of Poland will vote today. As a member state in Europe, it would be preferable for you to choose a leadership that is willing to invest to be part of the European Union. Rumor has it that far-rights are leading in the polls, and that’s pretty sad from a European perspective.

Peace requires all nations to come together, and countries like Hungary, Austria, Romania and Poland each have their animosity towards Brussels and Strasbourg. I wrote the following tweet this morning:

Well IF Poland wants a Poland first agenda they should start funding it too. Sorry guys, we love your country, and it’s so sad to see far right candidates disrespecting the EU brotherhood to spread hate and bigotry. This is not the path to peace and growth! (link to tweet: https://twitter.com/henrikblunck/status/1276747578617495552?s=20)

Poland: a nation that has lost its historical understanding

In my opinion, and I know some may disagree, I think it’s important to remember where you were before the Berlin Wall fell. As a satellite nation under Soviet communism, it suffered greatly until Mikhail Gorbachev appeared on the scene.
When Solidarity emerged as a popular movement, things began to change, and Poland is one of the nations that has enjoyed great economic growth thanks to the European Union. That sense of gratitude is somewhat ignored when politicians claim that homosexuality is worse than communism.
That view is not only bigoted, but also highly ahistorical compared to what actually happened until the fall of the Berlin Wall three decades ago.
I fully recognize that as a Dane I have no say in what the Polish people decide to do on election day. But I hope the polls are wrong, as I think we should have a higher tolerance towards all people across the entire European continent. It is easy to agree with people with whom one totally agrees, but we need more tolerance in a European Union where 27 nations must coexist with all their national differences at least aligned with common ground and tolerance in the foreground.
We can do so much more when we work TOGETHER, and while many nationalist movements try to talk about a ‘Brexit agenda’ in the belief that being alone was somehow better, I think most people can concede that this is both a naive and false claim…
Happy Election Day everyone. 🙂

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