Workweek launched to help economic journalists


A new company called Workweek was launched Wednesday to provide business-to-business content writers – traditionally content that lived in white papers or behind paywalls at point of sale – full-time support to work independently, he reports. Sara Fischer by Axios.

Fischer reports: “The model is intended to provide writers and creators with more support than they would typically receive if they wrote for an independent publishing platform, such as a full-time salary and benefits.

“Details: The co-founders of the operation are media entrepreneurs and former executives of The Hustle, Adam Ryan and Becca Sherman.

  • The company has turned up $ 1.5 million in funding, led by LightShed Ventures, with other participants including: Packy McCormick of Not Boring Capital; Mario Gabriele; Lance Armstrong; Elizabeth Yin; and other individuals.
  • So far he has hired 10 full-time employees, including a head of brand partnerships, a head of operations, a content manager and four creators. He plans to hire another 25 people in the coming months.
  • It’s about to start with creators on a handful of topics, including healthcare, cannabis, money and financial technology. “

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