Xi consolidates authority with the historic resolution of the CPC

BEIJING: The Communist Party of China delivered a breakthrough to Xi Jinping on Thursday that will help secure his political future by rewriting history. Senior party officials at a closed-door meeting in Beijing approved a resolution that re-evaluates the party’s 100-year history and places Xi in the party’s official firmament of era-defining leaders. The move, reported in an official summary of the meeting, elevated Xi to a next stature Mao Zedong, founder of the country’s communist regime, e Deng Xiaoping, the main architect of its economic take-off.
Under Xi’s leadership, China has “achieved historic achievements and underwent a historic transformation,” says an official summary, or communiqué, of the meeting, hailing what the party described as successes in economics, foreign policy, in the fight against pollution and in the containment of Covid. Under Mao, Deng and now Xi, the statement said, China has “achieved the tremendous transformation from rising and growing prosperous to becoming strong.”
This week’s meeting was the start of an important year for Chinese politics. His announcements will play a major role in the leadership reorganization at a Communist Party congress likely to be held in 2022, when Xi, China’s most powerful leader in decades, appears on track to secure a third five-year term as the party general. . secretary. There are no rival leaders or heirs in sight. The decision to place Xi among the country’s historic giants will reinforce his argument that he is the only leader capable of leading China to superpower status in uncertain times. China has coped relatively well with the Covid-19 pandemic, but faces the economic risks of debt-laden societies and the social pressures of local governments as its population ages and growing distrust from the United States and other countries westerners.
In a video recorded at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum on Thursday, Xi urged Asian nations to resist the formation of “small circles on a geopolitical basis,” a clear reference to the president’s efforts. Joe Biden support alliances of democratic countries to counter China. “The Asia-Pacific region cannot and must not fall back into the antagonism and division of the Cold War era,” he said.
By claiming a third term as party leader, as he should do next year, Xi would break the pattern of remaining in power for only two terms. In 2018, Xi made a daring power play by eliminating a presidential term limit, opening the way for him to lead China indefinitely. This move overturned widespread expectations that the party had stabilized within a 10-year limit at the time of the leaders in power. Glorifying Xi’s achievements could help Xi withstand any challenge. The decision is sure to become the centerpiece of an intense propaganda campaign as well as indoctrination sessions for party officials.


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