Yes, it was a red tsunami


Trump creates his own "Blue Wave" monster...

The election results on Tuesday in the United States were a large and complete punch in the stomach for the Democrats. But the idiots (thank God) don’t seem to have gotten the message. The American public is fed up with Democrats opening the border to illegal foreigners, raising prices while ruining the supply chain, labeling parents as terrorists for protesting the abominable racist policy of critical race theory and letting crime run rampant. .

Joe Hoft of Gateway Pundit has already given you a very good account of the Republican roundup by the governor, the lieutenant. Virginia Governor and Attorney General Slot (Virginia Republicans not only win big races statewide, but the House also goes red: it earns seven seats from the Democrats)

This was not an isolated case. The findings in some of the bluer districts and states tell a similar story:

The Texas borough that went for Biden in 2020 switched to Republican.

A Republican managed to overturn a Texas State House seat held by Democrats Tuesday in a district that President Joe Biden won by 14 points in November. . . Republican John Lujan defeated Democrat Frank Ramirez by 51 percent to 49 percent on Tuesday to take the Texas House District 118 race, The Texas Tribune reported.

Minnesota rejected reimbursement police.

Minneapolis residents Tuesday rejected a measure that would have removed the city police department and replaced it with a public security department.

New Jersey – In addition to the Republican candidate for governor robbed of a victory, there were other surprises:

Democrat Stephen Sweeney, the second most powerful elected politician in Garden State, is behind Republican Edward Durr, a relatively unknown challenger.

New York and Long Island

Republican Bruce Blakeman declared victory in what appears to be a jaw-dropping upheaval by incumbent Nassau County Democratic leader Laura Curran. The Republicans both won District Attorney contests – in Nassau and Suffolk counties – in explosions. Even in the blue New York, the Republicans won at least four competitive seats on the Council and one Democrat in office fighting for his political life.

Seattle elects Republican as city attorney against police abolition

Ann Davison beat Democratic opponent Nicole Thomas-Kennedy in the run for the city attorney, with a final result of 58% to 41%. Davison’s victory comes a year after the city of Seattle defined its police force and into a historically democratic state since the 1980s, according to the Seattle Times.g of

America is not an extremist nation. The subversive communist and authoritarian policies embraced by Biden and the Democrats have awakened the previously silent majority. This is not the end. It is the beginning of the end of the awakened politics. Go wake up, go broke. And yes, let’s go Brandon.

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