Yes obviously


Military leaders encourage a “child culture” in the military because soldiers have to go and fight the enemy, the outgoing military chief said.

The army it’s a little – maybe a lot – different. As it really is about “unitary cohesion”. Horrible sentence but that’s it. People will not march towards the machine guns unless there is a compelling reason why they should. Having the NKVD behind you shooting those who retire is a management technique. Another is to have that unity of cohesion. I will not disappoint my companions. Or even, I couldn’t bear the social shame of doing it.

These are ingroups and outgroups. And another name for men who create an ingroup is “small”.

Unbelievable that we ended up with a body politic too stupid to understand what every other society has known since the phalanx was the vanguard of military technology.


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