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With these yoga tips, you’ll be ready for your next yoga class.

Yoga mats, yoga blocks, benches and pillows: in this article we will introduce you to the most important aids for your yoga practice. Read on for the gear you need as a yoga beginner and the accessories you can’t do without as an advanced yogi. We will also explain when and how to use accessories in yoga.

yoga equipment:

  • Yoga mat: an essential yoga accessory for beginners
  • Stand up confidently with a yoga block
  • With clothes suitable for the flow of yoga.
  • Optional yoga accessories: meditation mat, blanket, towel, and yoga strap

advanced yoga aid

  • A yoga enhancer for deep relaxation
  • upside down night stool

Frequently asked questions about your yoga accessories

Have you decided to practice yoga and are you at the beginning of your yoga journey? As a beginner, you don’t need to earn a lot of money to start practicing yoga. However, certain aids, such as a suitable yoga mat, can help you practice yoga and make it easier for you to start. Read on for our tips and information on essential gear for your next yoga class.
Note: Using accessories in yoga is not a sign of weakness. For example, holding a yoga block during a workout shows strength and intelligence: you understand the exercise and you know it will improve your posture.

Yoga mat: an essential yoga accessory for beginners

We recommend that you purchase a yoga mat to feel comfortable and safe while practicing yoga. Because a quality surface will protect your joints, protect your back and offer you a non-slip surface. And best of all: you can practice outside the yoga studio in your own four walls with your yoga mat.

1. Your individual needs come first

Before purchasing a yoga mat, consider what is important to you in your yoga practice. Are you particularly interested in cushioning because your knees are sensitive? So choose a thicker rug.

If you sweat easily and a drop of sweat falls on your mat, make sure you have a non-slip yoga mat. Because there’s nothing more frustrating than pushing an arm or leg down.

Do you care about sustainability and natural materials? Then get a mat made from honest, durable materials so you can enjoy it for as long as possible.

The weight of the mat needs to be adjusted according to your daily life. Do you usually practice in a yoga studio and wander around the city? The advantage is a light carpet. Most yoga mat vendors offer different resistances, so you can choose between thicker and thinner, lighter mats.

Advice: Are you planning to bring your own mat to the yoga studio or are you traveling and want to take a yoga mat with you? Then get a yoga mat bag. So it is well protected during shipping.

2. Yoga mat: thickness matters

Once you start practicing yoga, it can still be difficult to balance one yoga pose or another. Whether on a “chair” or a “tree,” a slim to medium height yoga mat will help you maintain balance and find a stable posture. Because you have better padding over a thicker mat, it can also be unstable, especially if you’re doing standing exercises. When buying, look for a thickness of about 4.5 to 6 millimeters. Also look for a non-slip mat that repels moisture.

3. The right size is important

Before you decide on the size of the yoga mat you are going to buy, ask yourself these questions:

  • How tall are you ?
  • How small can a mat be rolled up?
  • Do you often use mats?

If you have enough storage space and don’t need to move your yoga mat very often, we recommend a slightly larger yoga mat. During yoga, you will have enough space on the mat and you will not feel cramped. The standard dimensions of a yoga mat are around 180 cm (length) x 60 – 70 cm (width). If you want your mat to be a little longer and wider, look for a yoga mat that is more than 2 meters long and about 1 meter wide. Most manufacturers offer mats not only in different thicknesses, but also in different lengths and widths.

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