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A seasonal job operating a fancy new electric vehicle.

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Tesla is busy hiring dozens of “Seasonal Vehicle Operators” to test and improve its vehicle systems this summer. The company added nearly 20 positions in the United States, with a few more in Canada and Australia.

Yes, you can get paid to drive a Tesla for the company. While it may sound like a dream job to some, remember this is only a 2-3 month seasonal job, and you’ll be sitting in an electric vehicle all day, but at least it sounds interesting.

So what does the job entail? It’s hard to say, but you’ll be driving in specific areas or scenarios while the vehicle collects data to improve its camera and radar systems, autonomous driving capabilities, and autopilot. Job postings specifically mention “capture high-quality data that will contribute to improving vehicle performance.”

There are currently 18 job listings available in the United States, four of them on the night shift, paying between $17 and $43 an hour (plus benefits) to drive a fancy new electric vehicle. The job description says:

“We are looking for a highly motivated entrepreneur to join our vehicle data collection team. The Vehicle Operator role is responsible for capturing high-quality data that will contribute to improving the performance of our vehicles. This role requires a high level of flexibility, attention to detail, and the ability to work in a fast-paced, dynamic environment. Day/night shift positions available.”

Further down, it explains that anyone hired as a seasonal vehicle operator will operate the vehicle in areas designated for data collection. It’s worth mentioning that he doesn’t use the word “drive” as there’s a chance some of these are self-driving tests. He will also be responsible for starting/stopping all vehicle recording systems, providing feedback, and writing a daily driving report in Microsoft Word.


It goes without saying, but you’ll need a clean driving record, at least four years of driving experience, and various other menial requirements to be eligible for the roles.

So if you live in one of several cities in Utah, Illinois, Texas, Washington, Colorado, California, Florida, and others, you could get a temporary summer job driving a Tesla.

With millions of Tesla vehicles on the road, the company has a huge advantage over other legacy automakers when it collects real-world data. In fact, that’s something that Tesla has highlighted when talking about the future and autonomous vehicles. That being said, it sounds like the company wants or needs more and is willing to hire full-time, seasonal employees to drive in select cities.

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