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You can still get DVDs from Netflix (and maybe you should)

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Am I the only one who didn’t know that Netflix still offered DVDs? The company has been involved in streaming for so long, I guess I assumed their physical media vanished sometime between house of cards other squid games. However, even in 2022, you can mail movies and TV shows to yourself directly from Netflix, as long as you have a device that plays discs. And if you do, you might really want to.

Wait, does Netflix have DVDs?

Depending on your age, it may surprise you to learn that Netflix started out as a DVD service in 1997. You ordered the movies you wanted to watch online, and Netflix mailed you the DVDs, one at a time. You watched the DVD, mailed it, and another one magically appeared in your mailbox. It was Blockbuster without leaving home, which is why everyone blames Netflix for taking down the video store chain (although Blockbuster also had its own DVD-by-mail service).

Once their streaming service gained popularity, they tried to split the two into two distinct options: Netflix (streaming) and Qwikster (DVD). If you’re wondering what the heck Qwikster is, it’s because Netflix ditched the name. after less than a month. Now, Netflix owns the domain. dvd.comwhich is a much best name

What Netflix offers with its DVD service

Although Netflix’s current DVD service is not well known (or at least not well known by me), it’s not that cheap. There are three levels, with the only difference being the number of DVDs you receive at any given time. For $9.99 a month, you get a DVD; $14.99 net for the two of you; and $19.99 earns you three. Universal benefits include unlimited discs per month, no expiration dates or late fees, and no shipping or return fees (although there are it is an asterisk next to that entry with no explanation anywhere on the support page).

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Still, it may be worth the money depending on who you are. To begin with, restore the status of Netflix as the service with “everything”. We used to think that about Netflix: Almost anything you can think of to watch, you can find it. However, in recent years, as more and more studios want their own streaming services, Netflix has lost more and more shows and movies. Now, you’re looking for something to watch, and more often than not, Netflix recommends “similar” titles, since it doesn’t have what you’re looking for. Really interested in

That doesn’t change when something leaves Netflix either. breaking bada show powered by Netflix, will eventually leave the platform. But even after that, you can order the show, season by season, and enjoy it disc by disc. Netflix doesn’t say how many titles it has to offer, but it does say you can watch “just about any movie and TV show you want,” with movies from the 1910s to now. There are many discs.

Speaking of discs, it’s not all DVDs on Netflix. While DVDs still have their place, Netflix also offers Blu-rays at no extra charge. It doesn’t appear that Netflix offers 4K Blu-rays, so you’ll miss out on the extra resolution and HDR. However, 1080p Blu-rays still look great and are much more of a visual leap from 480p DVDs than 1080p to 4K. Plus, with physical media, there’s no need to worry about a slow internet connection ruining your movie night. There is no buffering with a Blu-ray.

While the price is a bit steep on the surface, it’s not. that bad if you’re someone who watches a fair amount of movies. If you consistently rent the latest movies from services like Apple TV or Google Play, you’ll find Netflix’s offering much cheaper. For example, if you rent where the locusts sing other jurassic world domain for $5.99 each, you’re already spending over a month’s worth of Netflix discs. Those titles are currently available on Netflix’s DVD service, by the way, so you can watch much of the same content for less.

As we have discussed before, there is still a place for physical media. Netflix may not advertise its DVD service much in 2022, opting instead to spend its marketing budget on its streaming content. But is something every movie and TV fan should consider. You can choose to add the service to your current Netflix plan or subscribe to it alone. $9.99 per month doesn’t sound too bad if you ditch Netflix for $19.99/month.

How to subscribe to the Netflix DVD service

If you already have a Netflix account, sign in, click on your profile in the upper right corner and then select “Account”. Click “Add DVD Plan” and follow the instructions on the screen. If you don’t have a Netflix account, you can simply sign up for a Netflix DVD account via either


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