Young women lead climate protests. Guess who’s running the global talks?

Mitzi Jonelle Tan, center right, speaking outside the COP26 summit on Tuesday.
Credit: Duncan Mcglynn / Associated Press

GLASGOW – The week started with more than 130 presidents and prime ministers poses for a group photo in a centuries-old Baroque museum made of red sandstone. Less than 10 were women. Their average age, as their host at the climate summit, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, reminded them was over 60.

The week ended with noisy protestthousands on the streets of Glasgow. A march on Friday was led by young climate activists, some old enough to vote in their countries. They accused world leaders of wasting what little time is left to safeguard their future.

These bookends from the first week of this international watershed climate summit in Scotland reveal a growing gap that threatens to widen in the weeks and months to come.

Those with the power to make decisions about how warm the world will warm in the coming decades are mostly old and male. […]


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