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10 bold 2024 NFL Draft predictions: Several records broken, QB prospect drops to Day 2

After months of speculation and rumors, we’re only days away from the 2024 NFL Draft. Here are 10 bold predictions for this year’s event.

Quarterbacks go 1-2-3-4

Somehow, someway, quarterbacks will be the first four players off the board. That will require a trade at No. 4—the Cardinals, which currently hold the pick, are all-in on quarterback Kyler Murray, while teams including the Giants, Vikings, Broncos and Raiders have a need at the position and could move up.

We’re not sure which team pulls the trigger on a deal, but considering how important a franchise quarterback is, one will.

Tight end Brock Bowers won’t get out of the top 10

Georgia tight end Bowers probably shouldn’t go in the top 10. As The Ringer’s Sheil Kapadia reminded, tight ends drafted in the first round rarely live up to the hype.

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