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All 5 Michael Bay Horror Film Remakes, Ranked Worst To Best possible


  • Michael Bay’s horror remakes had been financially a success however won in most cases destructive critiques from critics.
  • One of the crucial remakes didn’t seize the similar depth and circumstance of the fresh movies, missing memorable characters.
  • Alternatively, some film remakes controlled in order one thing fresh and a laugh occasion conserving the unholy pitch of the fresh franchise.

Even though Michael Bay is essentially referred to as a director of big-budget, action-heavy blockbusters, the Los Angeles-born director has additionally established himself as a significant identify in horror due to his Platinum Dunes manufacturing studio. Within the early twenty first century, Bay and Platinum Dunes got down to remake and reimagine a number of iconic horror franchises, settingup a divisive pattern that may see maximum main IPs receiving updates that many perceived as needless. Past Bay isn’t chargeable for each and every inaccurate revamp, he and his studio had been at the back of 5 of essentially the most infamous – and a success.

Price range

Field Workplace

Rotten Tomatoes Rating

The Texas Chainsaw Bloodbath

$9.5 million

$107.4 million


The Amityville Horror

$19 million

$107 million


The Hitcher

$10 million

$25 million


Friday The thirteenth

$19 million

$92.7 million


A Nightmare On Elm Boulevard

$35 million

$117 million


The horror film remake pattern started in earnest with Bay’s 2003 property, The Texas Chainsaw Bloodbath. A bleak and bloody evolution of Tobe Hooper’s mythical fresh, the film used to be a excess monetary good fortune – prompting Platinum Dunes to hunt out alternative remake alternatives. Over the after seven years, 4 additional remakes would apply – The Amityville Horror (2005), The Hitcher (2007), Friday the thirteenth (2009), and A Nightmare on Elm Boulevard (2010). All 5 Platinum Dunes motion pictures won in most cases destructive critiques from critics. Alternatively, regardless of their flaws, some Michael Bay horror remakes have shyed away from emergency or even introduced one thing fresh to the desk.


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5 A Nightmare On Elm Boulevard (2010)

An unsightly and needless blemish on Freddy Kruger’s legacy

Past some Platinum Dunes horror motion pictures introduced radical and fascinating reinterpretations of the supply subject material, the general of the studio’s remakes failed in nearly each and every approach. In premise and tale, A Nightmare on Elm Boulevard used to be extensively related to the distinguished Wes Craven fresh – centering round a supernatural slasher villain who stalks youngsters of their goals. This unadorned set-up, then again, is the place the similarities finish.

The place the Eighties horror film combined cutting edge prosthetics, intriguing humor, and truly creative scares, A Nightmare on Elm Boulevard (2010) used to be a lightless and joyless affair. In contrast to Craven’s film, the remake used to be criticized for underdeveloping its characters, with no person as memorable because the fresh Nancy. The verdict to offer Freddy a truly scary backstory additionally generated controversy, in addition to the fake-out plot twists that left the finale puzzled and unsatisfying. Past some celebrate used to be reserved for presenting a darker perceptible later more and more comedic sequels, critics in most cases affirmative that it used to be higher to brush aside the 2010 Nightmare as a sinful dream.

4 The Hitcher (2007)

Sean Bean fails to reside as much as Rutger Hauer’s legacy

A part of the weakness with the Platinum Dunes remakes is that, usually, the flicks aren’t making an attempt to after all notice a wasted alternative. Rather, the flicks aim to snatch a personality and tale this is already iconic and retell it – a procedure that many fresh lovers would imagine totally needless. The Hitcher is a chief instance.

The energy of the fresh film lies in Rutger Hauer’s captivating, psychotic efficiency because the titular antagonist. Consequently, any remake is at an instantaneous drawback, because it’s hardened to consider any actor imbuing the nature with the similar unnerving threat. Sean Bean, who stars within the Platinum Dunes horror remake, is a nice actor in his personal proper, however struggles to seize Hauer’s distinctive depth. Consequently, The Hitcher lacks the nerve-shredding circumstance of the fresh, depending rather on more and more particular (and far much less efficient) violence.


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3 The Amityville Horror (2005)

Sluggish burn horror has some creepy moments

A significant benefit that the Ryan Reynolds-led Amityville Horror remake has over alternative Platinum Dunes motion pictures is that the fresh is a ways from a horror masterpiece. In spite of being in response to a truly creepy true tale, the fresh 1979 Amityville Horror struggled with gradual pacing and a shortage of efficient scares. In many ways, this created the easiest surrounding for a revitalized snatch at the notorious tale – person who the Platinum Dunes aim seized, to a definite stage.

Past the fresh plods along side sporadic unsettling moments, the 2005 Amityville regularly intersperses stunning violence and leap scares into the tale. Sadly, the film fails to show those moments into anything else extra lingering, suffering to craft a truly malevolent circumstance. Just like the fresh, The Amityville Horror additionally struggles with unwieldy plot parts that create tiny sense underneath scrutiny. However, The Amityville Horror residue a profitable remake and indubitably places a special point of view at the Lutz society’s revel in.

2 The Texas Chainsaw Bloodbath (2003)

An entire – and now and again a success – reinterpretation of a vintage

In contrast to Amityville, The Texas Chainsaw Bloodbath confronted the daunting activity of redoing one of the crucial influential and remarkable motion pictures in horror historical past. Consequently, the film used to be by no means more likely to be a complete good fortune. That mentioned, there are parts of The Texas Chainsaw Bloodbath which can be praiseworthy in their very own proper – in large part for the reason that 2003 movie is sort of totally other from Henkel and Hooper’s terrifying fresh.


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Even though Marcus Nispel’s model options the similar cannibalistic society and bulky, power-tool-wielding psychopath, the movie ignores Hooper’s minimalistic technique to gore and revels within the violence. It’s, due to this fact, a a lot more particular movie. Additionally it is extra typical, depending on leap scares and midnight all set items to elicit worry from the target market, instead than one thing extra nuanced. If the fresh didn’t exist, this may well be enough quantity for it to be thought to be a good fortune. Alternatively, Hooper’s scary and unrelenting portrait of insanity (with out buckets of gore) continues to be so efficient that The Texas Chainsaw Bloodbath inevitably seems like a slim caricature instead than a full-color portrait.

1 Friday The thirteenth (2009)

A a laugh curler coaster that incessantly outstrips the fresh

Even though preliminary important response used to be now not particularly sort to Marcus Nispel’s Friday the thirteenth reboot, the years since its drop have made it sunlit that this is a criminally underrated instance of ways a remake can deliver one thing truly fresh to a prevailing IP. Rather of redoing the primary movie shot for shot, the 2009 Friday blends parts from the franchise’s first 4 motion pictures, growing one thing fresh out of all of the disparate parts.

Crucially, along with telling a fresh tale, Friday the thirteenth is a batch extra a laugh than lots of the extra dour, sepia-toned remakes that outlined mainstream horror cinema within the 2000s. The movie celebrates its ridiculous premise of partying youngsters being picked off separately in more and more creative techniques with out ever descending into anything else too macabre. Jason Vorhees additionally turns into a truly unholy presence once more later more and more ludicrous sequels grew to become him right into a determine of a laugh. Past it indubitably isn’t best possible, Friday the thirteenth is the most productive instance of a Michael Bay-produced horror film remake getting it proper.

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