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Brian McKnight Will get Dragged For Disowning Organic Kids

Brian McKnight is on the receiving finish of a batch of complaint nearest his untouched posts praising his stepdaughter generation regarding his organic kids as “evil.”

An Evening Of R&B With Brian McKnight

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The singer has been the controversy of social media over the age few months for publicly disowning his sons, Brian Kelly McKnight Jr. and Niko, whom he stocks with ex-wife Julie McKnight. He additionally a daughter named Briana, from whom he’s additionally estranged, whom he stocks with ex Patricia Motive force.

The singer additionally received two stepchildren, Julia and Jack McPhee, when he and his wave spouse, Leilani McKnight, join the knot in 2017. They welcomed their first son in combination, Brian Kainoa Makoa Jr., in 2022.

As soon as the couple were given married, the singer’s difficult relationships along with his kids changed into a subject of debate on social media. On the finish of latter time, Brian Sr. celebrated his stepdaughter Julia incomes her grasp’s stage with an Instagram submit, which revived the conversations about his organic kids.

“You have a daughter, I wonder how this post makes her feel,” one of the most govern feedback at the submit reads.

In reaction, McKnight took to Instagram months upcoming with a video regarding Julia as “my one and only daughter.”

“She feels great,” he mentioned about his stepdaughter rather of acknowledging his organic kids. “See, Julia understands the scripture Exodus 20:12, where it says, and I quote, ‘Honor thy father and thy mother that thy days be long upon the land..’ See, she honors us, and in turn, we honor her because she knows how proud of her we are.”

In some other remark, the singer referred to his organic kids as a “product of sin,” additionally mentioning that his ex is the one that raised them, no longer him…as though that makes his case any higher.

He additionally took the month to reply to some other commenter, who supported Brian Sr. through writing, “The one that keep saying, ‘what about his other children,’ some families are pure evil.’”

Unsurprisingly, McKnight used to be elated through this remark, announcing that this fan “gets it” generation apparently confirming that his organic kids have been the “evil” he wanted to take away from his hour.

“In order to live a life that you love, you have to get rid of the evil and the negativity, even if that evil and negativity is related,” mentioned the singer.

Again in 2020, Brian Sr.’s estranged daughter Briana filed a defamation go well with towards her father nearest he claimed she had a sexual dating with an “older cousin.” The case used to be in the end brushed aside in February 2023, however it looks as if their dating hasn’t progressed within the time since.

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