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Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Predicted to Isolate Roman Reigns After the Recent Addition of Tama Tonga: “I Filmed It”

Dwayne Johnson was last seen in WWE during a promo shortly after WrestleMania XL was wrapped up. He then went on a hiatus after teasing a potential future bout with the new undisputed universal WWE Champion. There are speculations about what would be his plan to bring down his future foe. One possibility is that he snatches away The Bloodline from his cousin.

As we have already seen, the heel stable is shifting dynamics. According to a WWE veteran, Roman Reigns would soon be left with nothing by his side.

Dwayne Johnson’s way of becoming ‘head of the table’


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The Tribal Chief was warned to defend his position in The Bloodline when his older cousin returned to WWE this year. Ever since the focus of the feud shifted to an outsider, fans thought that Reigns would get to keep his throne. However, some viewers believe that The Rock will return and ruthlessly strip Roman Reigns of his position.

Co-host Brian in The Jim Cornette Experience predictedThe Rock with Solo and Tama Tonga. And he can say, ‘Tama look, I got your dad a car. I filmed it. You may have seen the video. You have to be on my side, against Roman’. The Usos won’t work with him.

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Brian further added that Paul Heyman wouldn’t be on Reigns’ side either because of how moved he is by The Brahma Bull’s star power. This will eventually lead to the ex-champion getting kicked out of this ‘new’ Bloodline. He might form another stable, collecting all the other former members.


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However, there is speculation that Roman Reigns’s character may receive a complete flip to face the “Final Boss” potentially at WrestleMania 41.

Roman Reigns may need to step out of his comfort zone

On a relatively recent episode of the Busted Open podcast, The Bloodline’s future was discussed. Since The People’s Champion is being loved as a heel in the Stamford-based company, there is a possibility that he will continue in this character even in the far-away future. However, we may get to see Roman Reigns’ face turn in order to bring down his cousin. This also may be done to take back his throne from him.


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Although his future gimmick hasn’t been revealed yet, there is a possibility that we will continue seeing him as The Tribal Chief until he is thrown off the throne.

Do you think the Samoan superstar would be left with nothing or does the WWE have something else in store for both him and us?

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