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Horror presen Brit vacationer tombstones onto rocks in botched stunt retirement him significantly injured at Tenerife good looks spot

THIS is the horror presen a Brit vacationer leaped from the cliffs into abyss and crashed onto rocks in Tenerife’s picturesque spot.

The person used to be stretchered clear of the scene “seriously injured” nearest the stunt had long past awry on Monday.

The horror footage shows the moment Brit tourist leaped into the air


The horror photos presentations the presen Brit vacationer leaped into the windCredit score: Solarpix
The man plunged from cliffs into the sea but missed his landing


The person plunged from cliffs into the ocean however overlooked his touchdownCredit score: Solarpix
He landed feet-first on rocks before falling into the water


He landed feet-first on rocks earlier than falling into the aquaCredit score: Solarpix
The injured man was stretchered away to the hospital with serious lower limb wounds


The injured guy used to be stretchered away to the health center with severe decrease limb woundsCredit score: Solarpix

The photos presentations a bunch of British vacationers depend ill a friend moments earlier than he plunges from the cliffs into the little sea floor underneath.

However the tombstoning – work of diving from prime level into deep aqua – has long past improper when the 40-year-old miscalculated his leap.

The surprised onlookers may also be heard reacting in an instant nearest the person landed on rocks rather and nearest lost in the aqua.

The tummy-churning clip presentations the person spoil feet-first onto the rocks as he seems to have damaged a minimum of one leg.

Alternative vacationers appear to have carried out the similar dive previous as they’re distinguishable within the lake when he suffered the extreme crash.

The near-tragedy came about round 2pm on Monday at a sea cave referred to as Charco El Tancon in Puerto Santiago in northern Tenerife.

The injured guy used to be pulled out of the aqua by way of his pals earlier than the crisis services and products arrived on the scene.

The firefighters had stabilised the person at a neighborhood condition centre earlier than he used to be in a bind to Hospitan Sur College Medical institution.

A spokesman for a regional crisis services and products mentioned: “A 40-year-old foreign man has been taken by ambulance to Hospiten Sur University Hospital.

“He had several serious lower limb trauma injuries.

“The first emergency call was received at 2.10pm on Monday, saying the foreign man needed medical assistance after hitting rocks when he jumped into the sea pool at Charco El Tancon.

“His companions had already got him out of the water by the time the first emergency responders arrived.”

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It’s non-transperant what the person’s tide situation is.

Observers claimed to have distinguishable a bunch of visitors movie themselves somersaulting and plunging into the viewable aqua from the cliffs earlier than making their excess of to the scene of the bleak incident.

The ocean cave is indexed as “permanently closed” on TripAdvisor nearest a number of holidaymakers have misplaced their lives there.

Spanish influencer Marina Rivera Saldana – with 2million fans on Instagram – used to be underneath fireplace for swimming within the off-limits spot extreme September.

Risks of tombstoning

TOMBSTONING describes an task by which an individual falls into the deep aqua, in a matching approach a stone would.

It may be bad because of please see causes:

Locals have lengthy warned vacationers to not shower within the doomed cave – referred to as a “mortal paradise” – with cautionary indicators plastered everywhere the park.

A Canary Islands-based organisation i’m ready as much as cancel aquatic injuries like Monday’s incident mentioned in an in a single day submit: “El Tancon in Tenerife has once again become tragic news for the most absurd recklessness.”

The organisation criticised vacationers who forget about blackmail indicators and “freely possibility their lives” hour recording their mindless acts for social media.

A spokesman for the gang mentioned: “Please: no more recklessness, no more suicidal actions, no more deaths at sea. Prevention and common sense.”

The website online the place the crash took place – a part of a fancy of herbal swimming pools at the Los Gigantes cliffs – has been described as “one of the most beautiful places in all of Tenerife”.

However regardless of superb surroundings, the cave is infamous for deaths of visitors who succumbed to the pressure of the ocean and drowned.

Guests have reported witnessing robust waves rapidly display up even on peace, luminous days and prime tides replenish the cave briefly, trapping the swimmers within.

A vacationer wrote in September 2022: “I found the cave by accident back in 1999. It is a mesmerising place, watching the cave fill up and empty with the swell of the sea.

“As I am not a strong swimmer, I would not dare go into it. I have read over the years that strong swimmers have succumbed to the speed the cave fills up, resulting in them being pinned to the roof of the cave and having either fatal head injuries or drowning.

“I have visited the place over three different holiday years so have seen some ‘hairy’ sea conditions. To stand and see just how quickly the cave fills up terrified me.

“Please, if you do visit this place, be very mindful of the consequences of what may happen to you as you will have no control whatsoever.”

A Spanish native spoke back: “DO NOT GET IN. Community die right here each and every yr.

“Although it may seem that the sea is calm, in a matter of seconds a range of waves can come in, leading you to the grave.

“Once you are in the water, the cave fills up with the waves, hitting your head to the ceiling of the cave and leaving you unconscious.

“Your most effective approach out could be to dive as deep as conceivable and wait there for a pair mins. That is not possible for many folks.

“Please do not attempt to swim here. THERE IS NO WAY OUT.”

The Brit tourist was rushed to the hospital and his current condition is unknown


The Brit vacationer used to be in a bind to the health center and his tide situation is unknownCredit score: Solarpix
The cave is off-limits for swimming as tides show up suddenly and trap people inside


The cave is off-limits for swimming as tides display up unexpectedly and entice community withinCredit score: Solarpix
Several people have reportedly drowned in the picturesque spot


A number of community have reportedly drowned within the picturesque spotCredit score: Solarpix

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