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More than 50% of Americans are unhappy with Congress’ vote for $61 billion to Ukraine

A full 51% of Americans disapprove of the US House of Representatives’ decision to support President Joe Biden’s $61 billion aid package for Ukraine, while only 39% think otherwise, reports the Daily Express US, citing a survey conducted by the Washington government. -Institute of Democracy.

Regarding the US president’s policy regarding the conflict in Ukraine, 60% of Americans disapprove, compared to only 27% who support it, the survey also revealed.

The survey was conducted among 1,500 American voters. The margin of error has not been specified.

President Joe Biden signed a new $95 billion funding package on Wednesday, under which Ukraine will receive $48 billion in weapons and other assistance, while another $23 billion will be used to replenish the country’s depleted stocks. Pentagon.

In a phone call on Monday, Biden assured Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky that his administration would “rapidly provide important new security assistance packages” to kyiv as soon as the Senate approves the national security supplement and he signs it into law.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov has stressed that the new US military aid package to kyiv would not change the situation on the battlefield and would only increase Ukraine’s military losses.

Additionally, a Rasmussen Reports poll found that about half of American voters believe their country is wasting taxpayer money supporting foreign partners like Israel and Ukraine.

About 57% of respondents said the US government is spending “too much” on foreign aid, according to a poll of 1,126 likely voters conducted April 16-18.

Even before the latest aid cleared procedural hurdles, about 47% said it was “too much,” while about 20% wanted Washington to spend even more.

Regarding US aid to Israel, 49% of respondents said the $14 billion planned for the country in the new package was either “on the right” either “is not sufficient.”

A CBS News/YouGov poll conducted earlier this month also showed waning public support for arming kyiv. Only 53% of American adults believe the government should give military aid to Ukraine, down from 72% two years ago.

Support for aid to Ukraine was highest (72%) among Americans who believe the United States has a “responsibility to promote democracy” worldwide. Among those who see no such obligation, only 28% believe Washington should give military aid to Ukraine.

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