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Patriot and Actor Jon Voight Makes the Case for Bringing Trump Again in 2024 (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit

Actor and American patriot Jon Voight has immune a fresh video during which he makes a robust case for reelecting Donald Trump in 2024.

Voight is a kind of uncommon Hollywood celebrities who lives brazenly as a conservative and Trump supporter. He has publicly supported Trump for years now.

Within the video, Voight addresses lots of the problems which are manage issues for citizens this hour.

Breitbart News has a partiality transcript:

“Bring back what was lost,” Voight stated in a two-minute video posted to his X social media account. “We will have to carry again the protection of this superb nation. We will have to carry again our best achievements that when have been blooming.

“My buddies of all colours, all religions, all international locations, we will have to take into account (this) reality: one love, beneath God. This presen is filled with injustice, this land of Israel is at risk, the land of the detached, america, is at risk.

“Allow us to all come in combination and build those international locations cover once more. We will have to ban this conflict. We will have to ban this darkness. This destructive plague this is lingering. How? Vote, for the one president that may save those international locations as soon as and for all.

“Let all nations bloom, let them shine. My friends, the only way, President Donald J. Trump. He and only he can take this hardship and turn it into a magnificent triumph. He can wipe out this swamp and bring glory, bring justice. And he will help save Israel and warn these enemies that they will pay the price of their injustice, for their disgraceful actions.”

Voight added, “Justice will prevail, and peace for all nations will come to be” will have to Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee, get elected in November.

Keep tabs on the video:

Thanks, Mr. Voight.

Save The united states. Doesn’t that good-looking a lot say all of it?

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