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Physician Octopus Is the SUPERIOR SPIDER-BOY, As He Steals the Frame of Spider-Guy’s Sidekick


  • Physician Octopus plans to thieve Spider-Boy’s frame next his earlier struggle with Spider-Guy failed.
  • Document Ock regained recollections of being Superb Spider-Guy and now goals Peter’s younger sidekick.
  • Otto taking up Spider-Boy’s frame will have unhealthy repercussions for the younger hero.

One of the most worst issues Physician Octopus ever did was once stealing the frame of Spider-Guy. This allowed Otto to behave as his personal crueler model of Spider-Guy and ruined Peter Parker’s popularity. Now, it kind of feels Otto Octavius intends to do one thing even worse, as he units his visuals on stealing the frame of Peter’s younger sidekick, Spider-Boy.

In fresh problems with Superb Spider-Guy, Otto’s ex-girlfriend Anna Maria has been captured by means of the unutilized villain Supernova. Document Ock is compelled to invite Spider-Guy for assistance preserve her. Ever the hero, Spider-Guy concurs, just for Otto to trick him and struggle to thieve Peter’s frame over again. Moment Spider-Guy is a success in preventing him off, it kind of feels Otto will simply flip his points of interest to an more uncomplicated goal.

Superb Spider-Guy #7 (2024)

Shed Moment:

Would possibly 22, 2024


Dan Fort


Mark Bagley

Secure Artist:

Mark Bagley

Variant Covers:

Humberto Ramos

5 phrases: Otto Octavius, the Superb Spider-Boy. That’s all you want to grasp. What? Do you wish to have us to ruin EVERYTHING? Learn the reserve. Superb Spider-Boy?! HOW? Why would we do this? Used to be this the plan all alongside?! SHHH! We didn’t even need to inform you THAT a lot. Hope you’re satisfied now. Glance, JUST READ THE BOOK.

Spider-Guy’s unutilized sidekick Spider-Boy is ready to travel thru Peter’s worst pace, as Miracle guarantees Otto Octavius will thieve the younger boy’s frame and shoot at the function of the Superb Spider-Boy. However precisely how and why Physician Octopus does this left-overs a thriller.


Spider-Guy’s Sidekick Spider-Boy Is going Complete Horror In Terrifying Pristine Secure Artwork

A scary unutilized guard by means of Humberto Ramos for Spider-Boy #3 options the monstrous transformation of Bailey Briggs, appearing off his arachnid genetics.

The Superb Spider-Boy Will Be Spider-Guy’s Later Fat Enemy

Spider-Boy is totally spared to Peter’s Spider-Sense, he has a terrifying venom chunk, and his Spider-Sense is
a ways
more potent than Peter’s.

When Otto Octavius’ frame starts death in 2012’s “Spider-Man: Dying Wish” storyline, he enacts a brutal plan that now not handiest lets in him to reside, but additionally takes out his greatest enemy. Otto manages to breaking in Peter Parker’s frame, swapping Peter into Otto’s death one. Regardless of Peter’s very best efforts, he finally ends up death in Otto’s frame and Otto is going directly to transform the Superb Spider-Guy. For greater than a pace, Otto ruins Peter’s popularity and turns into his personal roughly hero day he acts as Spider-Guy. In the end, Peter regains keep watch over of his frame and Otto loses his recollections of all of this. However now, Otto is giving this bad plan a 2d struggle.

Otto most commonly misplaced his recollections of being Superb Spider-Guy, however he’s lately regained them. Upcoming failing to thieve Peter’s frame once more, it kind of feels he’ll now be that specialize in Peter’s younger sidekick. This might end up to be immensely unhealthy, as Spider-Boy has alike powers to Spider-Guy however a couple of nasty additions. Spider-Boy is totally spared to Peter’s Spider-Sense, he has a terrifying venom chunk, and his Spider-Sense is a ways more potent than Peter’s. All of this stuff mixed with Otto’s bright may just create Physician Octopus much more unhealthy than he was once in Peter’s frame.

Document Ock’s Pristine Plan May Charm Doom For Spider-Boy

Essentially the most relating to factor about Otto taking up Spider-Boy’s frame isn’t the devastate he may just develop, however what’s going to occur to younger Bailey Briggs. When Otto took over Peter’s frame, he was once nearly killed fully, handiest having the ability to live on by means of the barest reminiscence. It’s conceivable that Bailey might be erased and changed fully with Otto’s character or transform trapped in Otto’s grownup frame. Both condition doesn’t tone excellent for the younger hero, and it’d be a big failure on Spider-Guy’s section for failing to stop Physician Octopus from turning into the Superb Spider-Boy.

Superb Spider-Guy

might be to be had Would possibly 22 from Miracle Comics!

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