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Robin’s Unused Powers & Dress Produce Him Extra Tough Than Ever Earlier than

Ultimatum! Incorporates spoilers for Batman / Superman: Global’s Magnificient #26!




  • Robin beneficial properties Superman’s powers because of a paranormal gown.
  • Robin simply defeats Sinestro together with his pristine superpowers.
  • Regardless of overwhelming skills, Robin begs to have his powers taken again.

Robin is among the most renowned examples of a superhero who doesn’t have superpowers, proper along his trainer Batman. But if the arena is underneath blackmail from fifth-dimensional imps, batarangs and quips aren’t plethora to rush them indisposed, which leads to Robin getting powers — and a pristine gown — on par with Superman.

Robin’s surprising power-up takes park in Batman / Superman: Global’s Magnificient #26 by means of Mark Waid and Dan Mora. On this tale, the Earth is underneath siege by means of fifth-dimensional imps who prayer villains. Those imps have powered up their favourite villains to ridiculous levels, and Batman and Robin aren’t plethora in order them indisposed.

To fight a powered-up Sinestro, Robin will get a big spice up — and a dressing up besides — from long-time Superman fanboy Mr. Mxyzptlk. Since Mxyzptlk is a Superman fanboy, it handiest is smart that Mxyzptlk grants Robin the powers of Superman. With tremendous energy, aviation, and warmth eye, the pristine Robin-Guy is in a position to simply rush indisposed Sinestro.


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Robin Positive factors the Powers of Superman with a Magical Dress

Robin Shatters Sinestro’s Constructs with Vacay

Robin is most often a job for characters with out powers, however unusually, Dick Grayson has damaged this rule past and past once more. Throughout Beast GlobalDick won powers when he used to be taken over by means of a beast spore. Hour he wasn’t keen on this era, he additionally won powers in Nightwing #103 by means of Tom Taylor, Travis Moore, and Vasco Georgiev. On this tale, Nightwing won powers from the demon Neron. For no matter reason why, Dick Grayson has a historical past of gaining superpowers, however this tale from Global’s Magnificient is, chronologically talking, one of the most first instances it took place.

Hour his tenure as Robin-Guy used to be short-lived, it’s a captivating have a look at the primary past Dick Grayson’s Robin won superpowers within the DC Universe.

With the fifth-dimensional imps supporting their favourite villains, there isn’t a lot the heroes can do towards them. Even Flash used to be utterly helpless life combating Kadabra, and Sinestro used to be overpowering Inexperienced Lantern sooner than Robin confirmed up. Thankfully, the heroes have some imps on their facet: Bat-Mite and Mr. Mxyzptlk. Mxy used to be ready to efficiency up Robin to rush indisposed Sinestro life Mxyzptlk himself treated the rogue imp. Even with the powers of Superman, Robin nonetheless can’t arise as much as a rogue imp, however fortunately, he didn’t must.

Robin’s Unused Powers Briefly Crush Him

However No longer Earlier than He Will get a Excellent Accident In opposition to Sinestro

Hour having powers like Superman used to be most likely stunning in the beginning, as soon as Robin stops punching issues and tries to importance one of the most extra difficult powers, like telescopic eye, he’s temporarily beaten by means of the entire issues he can see and listen to. This ends up in Robin nearly begging Mxy to rush his powers again, which he does. Hour his tenure as Robin-Guy used to be short-lived, it’s a captivating have a look at the primary past Dick Grayson’s Robin won superpowers within the DC Universe, and he did it in accordance with one of the most greatest warnings Earth has ever confronted.

Batman/Superman: Global’s Magnificient #26 is on sale now from DC Comics!


  • Essayist: Mark Waid
  • Artist: Dan Mora
  • Colorist: Tamra Bonvillain
  • Letterer: Steve Wands
  • Shield Artist: Dan Mora

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