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Stealth robotic ‘XL’ submarines dubbed ‘Ghost Sharks’ to be deployed by means of Australia to ‘defend seas from China’

AUSTRALIA is development a fleet of stealthy robotic submarines dubbed “Ghost Sharks” to patrol its waters and guard itself from the warning of China.

The additional-large self reliant underwater cars, able to putting objectives and well-known insigt missions, marks a advance right into a unused year of undersea struggle.

The first prototype of of the underwater robot sub 'Ghost Shark' - the beast of a machine will bolster Australia's ocean defence


The first prototype of of the underwater robot sub ‘Ghost Shark’ – the beast of a machine will bolster Australia’s ocean defenceCredit: NCA NewsWire


Australia’s government said the Ghost Shark – officially known as XL-AUV – is a “game changer” as it unveiled its first prototype today.

The lethal-looking sub – roughly the size of a single-decker bus – will be able to reach a depth of 6000 metres, and be able to stay on a mission for up to 10 days.

Defence scientists, Navy personnel and robotics specialists are working together to design several XL-AUVs that will be deployed to fortify ocean patrols and protections.

It will provide its Navy with a “stealthy, long-range autonomous undersea warfare capability” and will conduct “persistent intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance and strikes”.

Praising the prototype, Navy chief, Vice Admiral Mark Hammond, said Ghost Shark was crucial to Australia’s defence, reports.

He said: “We are a nation girt by sea, and the Ghost Shark is one of the tools we are developing for the Navy to patrol and protect our oceans and our connection to the world,” he said.

By creating the Ghost Shark, Defence Industry Minister Pat Conroy said that “a clear statement is being made about Defence’s constancy to this system.”

The federal government mentioned that the challenge could be “mission zero” that means it will be the highest-level of precedence – and it hopes the Ghost Shark will probably be in a position for deployment in 2025.

The previous day, Australian Defence Minister Richard Marles introduced the defence funds could be strengthened by means of AUD$50billion (£36bn) within the then decade.

The point of interest, he mentioned, will probably be on a naval features in a bid to battle the warning of an more and more militarised and competitive China.

In 2022, the next Head of Military Capacity Rear Admiral Peter Quinn mentioned the Ghost Shark “They’ve the capability to stay at sea undetected for extraordinarily lengthy sessions, lift diverse army payloads and safeguard very lengthy distances.”

It follows an announcement in February that Australia was building a £206m fleet of “Ghost Bat” killer drones armed to protect fighter jets and carry out secret missions.

As part of the “Dependable Wingman” project, the lethal UAVs are being designed to carry huge payloads, defend warplanes, dodge air defence systems and conduct surveillance.

The MQ-28A Ghost Bat will be able to travel more than 3,700km and is designed to fly as a partner to manned aircraft, including F-35s, Super Hornets and P-8 Poseidon reconnaissance planes.

As well as offering fighter jet-like performance, the 12 metre-long drone would also be used for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance.

It will be the first military combat aircraft designed and manufactured in Australia in over 50 years – with over 55 companies involved in the project.

Defence Industry Minister Pat Conroy praised the 'Ghost Shark' project


Defence Industry Minister Pat Conroy praised the ‘Ghost Shark’ projectCredit: NCA NewsWire / Martin Ollman
Australia's 'Ghost Bat' killer drones  are still in testing - but one day may fly into battle with warplanes


Australia’s ‘Ghost Bat’ killer drones are still in testing – but one day may fly into battle with warplanes
The state-of-the-art UAVs will only cost 10 per cent of a manned aircraft, but will carry out many of the same combat roles


The state of the art UAVs will best price 10 in step with cent of a manned airplane, however will perform most of the similar battle roles

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