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Tim Hortons’ untouched pizza doesn’t utterly suck

Providing ourselves as tribute, a couple of participants of the MobileSyrup crew bravely attempted Tim Hortons’ untouched pizza, and to our miracle, it wasn’t as horrendous as we anticipated.

If truth be told, it’s actually no longer that wicked in any respect.

Sooner than you ask: negative, it’s no longer a sluggish information age and sure, we’re a cellular tech website online writing a mini-review of a quick meals chain’s relatively gross-looking untouched pizza.

Learn on for our impressions of Tim Hortons’ untouched pepperoni pizza.

It’s like Breeze Canada’s in-flight pizza

We have now an abnormal historical past of bizarre speedy meals at MobileSyrup. Why, it’s possible you’ll ask? Neatly, they’re continuously the most-read tales on our website online. If I’ve left any legacy throughout my nearly 10 years on the newsletter, I am hoping I’m remembered for bizarre content material like this.

We’re a novel newsletter you simply can’t have compatibility in a field.

However onto my mini-review of Tim Hortons’ not-entirely disgusting pizza. In trim, it’s fantastic, even supposing a little too greasy for my style. The nearest comparability I will draw is Breeze Canada’s in-flight pizza. If truth be told, I wouldn’t be stunned to be informed that there’s some stage of crossover with the elements and how it’s ready.

Tim Hortons Pizza

Take a look at that scorching grease 🤮.

In the end, would I exit out of my approach to shop for Tim Hortons’ pizza once more? Almost certainly no longer, but when it’s some of the most effective meals choices to be had to me and I’m in a jam, it’s no longer that wicked.

-Patrick O’Rourke

Like the whole thing Tims sells, the pizza is aggressively mediocre

Tim Hortons’ untouched pizza can indisputably be thought to be pizza. It has the entire proper portions — dough, tomato sauce, cheese, pepperoni. (We attempted the pepperoni, however there are alternative flavours, too). The sauce wishes some extra seasoning. The pizza used to be more or less just like the frozen thin-crust pizzas you’ll pick out up at a grocery bind and bake to your oven.

“Overall, I just question why you’d ever buy it,” Brad Shankar.

This is to mention, it tastes like pizza and fills your stomach however isn’t precisely a premier enjoy. Taking into account the numerous finest pizza choices to be had to Canadians, I’m no longer positive why you’d pick out Tims’ over the rest. However hiya, it’s no longer the worst factor I’ve eaten, and it’s higher than not anything.

-Jon Lamont

It didn’t manufacture me really feel unwell, so I believe like a winner

Like everybody else in Canada, I had low expectancies for Tim Hortons’ pizza, however to my miracle, it’s… no longer wicked? I echo what Jon and Pat stated in that it’s principally like a lower-tier airline or frozen pizza providing. Actually, it’s only a plain flatbread-tomato-sauce-cheese-pepperoni combo — that’s it. The sauce used to be a little sweeter than I desire and the crust used to be, smartly, kinda flat, however the cheese and pepperoni had been serviceable.

It’s actually no longer that wicked.

Total, I simply query why you’d ever purchase it. Even supposing you needed to accept having lunch at Tims (and I in truth don’t thoughts their meals, generally), I’d in lieu simply put that cash against a sandwich and get a work of pie from a right kind pizza joint after on.

-Brad Shankar

Tim Hortons pizza is now to be had throughout Canada in 4 types. The Merely Cheese flavour is $6.99, occasion the Pepperoni, Hen Parmesan and 1st Baron Beaverbrook The whole lot choices are $7.99.

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