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Within international’s SMALLEST industrial airport with painfully trim runway surrounded by means of cliff plunges and a teeny terminal

PILOTS chance plunging into the sea when touchdown on the international’s smallest industrial airport with alarmingly trim runway sitting on the cliff edge.

The one airport at the island of Saba options the modest stretch of land which holds identify for the shortest industrial runway on this planet.

The shortest runway stretches only 400 metres


The shortest runway stretches handiest 400 metresCredit score: YouTube/ElivanWitsen
The airport is surrounded by the ocean and steep cliffs


The airport is surrounded by means of the sea and steep cliffsCredit score: Getty
Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport SAB interior terminal


Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport SAB internal terminalCredit score: Alamy
The DHC-6 Twin Otter is the most common aircraft to land there


The DHC-6 Dual Otter is probably the most ordinary airplane to land thereCredit score: Alamy
Saba's runway is just over a tenth of the size of Heathrow's


Saba’s runway is solely over a 10th of the dimensions of Heathrow’s

Touchdown at Saba’s Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport isn’t for fainthearted, and calls for now not handiest bravery, however immaculate abilities.

Regularly indexed as one of the crucial “world’s scariest landings”, vacationers that reached the island may also be perceivable wearing “I survived the Saba landing” shirts.

It takes a bunch of the highly-skilled and specifically skilled pilots to persuade the wheel and navigate the airplane over steep hills.

Pilots have handiest 400m to restrain the airplane ahead of a sheer let go into the sea on the reverse finish.

To place issues into point of view, Heathrow Airport’s runway is 3, 900m in territory.

Starting up from the airport is similarly exciting as passengers stock their breath moment the airplane accelerates in opposition to the cliff plunge.

Because the airplane reaches the top of the cliff and runway, a sigh of sleep may also be set free when it lifts off into the wind on the latter imaginable 2d.

This kind of stunt may also be carried out handiest by means of adrenaline-junkie, and the veteran aviator Captain Roger Hodge is one among them.

Captain Hodge trains generation “Top Guns” for the WinAir – the one airline working scheduled flights at the island.

Taking into account the airstrip operates with out an wind site visitors regulate centre although, this is most probably for the most efficient.

He advised CNN: “As a pilot I just love going into Saba because that’s when you put your experience to work.

“There’s at all times adrenaline that kicks in since you’re being watched by means of passengers and folk at the garden, however you’ve simply were given to fly that system.”

The first man to ever land on the tiny runway was an ambitious aviator Remy de Haenen.

It is thanks to him the airport exists as he brought the idea to build an airstrip on the site aptly named Flat Point.

The area was cleared in two weeks, and he made the first-ever landing on Saba island on February 9, 1959.

The whole town was in attendance to witness the historic moment.

James Franklin Johnson, who was eight at the time, told CNN: “Everyone got here out, crowds and crowds of folk. It was once wonderful.

“Saba came out of isolation when the plane landed on the island.”

However Haenen was once opposed from repeating his dangerous stunt because of protection considerations, and the island wouldn’t get an absolutely functioning airport till 1963.

These days the smallest area of the Netherlands, Saba has a community of one,990 and welcomes simply over 9,000 vacationers each and every week.

And the airport serves as a lifeline to the island, transporting locals for clinical remedy and bringing in guests.

People queue at Juancho Yrausquin Airport Immigration office


Family queue at Juancho Yrausquin Airport Immigration place of workCredit score: Alamy
The airport wasn't built until 1963 and now serves as a lifeline to locals and tourists


The airport wasn’t constructed till 1963 and now serves as a lifeline to locals and vacationersCredit score: Alamy
Small Winair airplane arriving at the airport- the only airline operating on the island


Tiny Winair plane arriving on the airport- the one airline working at the islandCredit score: Alamy

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